December 2006 Issue – Download Here


December 2006
Volume 5, Number 12
“The Power of Forgiveness” by Barbara Waterhouse
“Life As Our Teacher” by Simone Brown
“My Mother City Has Risen From The Dead” by Byron Ballard
“Yeye Siju Osunyemi, Priestess of Osun” by Julie Parker
“Tina’s Back” by Carol Dixon
“The Game of Life” by Dielle Ciesco
“CosmiComedy” by Lavinia Plonka
“Alone On The Mountain” by Anne Maren Hogan
“Mud Mama” by Sandi Tomlin-Sutker
“Lifelong Learning” by Ymani Whitehawk Simmons
“Solance of Solstice” by Janice Norman
“Holy Ground” by Julie Parker
“Remembering Candy” by Candy Maier and Friends
“Waiting” by Nina Marie Collins
“Home” by Lynn McLure
“Sweet Horse Breath” by Simone L. Cooke

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