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As the guys on Car Talk (on NPR) say, well, it’s happened again! Another month gone by, so quickly, and Fall is nearly here. And we have one of my favorite themes this month: Crafting an Artful Life. We conceived this in broader terms so we not only have several profiles of local artists: Grace Cathey of Waynesville who does stunning metal sculptures in life size or even bigger-than-life; Concha Wilkinson who takes discarded clothing and fabric scraps, adds her artistic touch with paint and bottle caps (yes, really!), etc. to create unique Art to Wear; and you’ll read about young, upcoming Asheville artist Liz Williams. A look at the artistic life wouldn’t be complete without a focus on the issue of how to create a successful business with one’s craft: Sherri McLendon interviews local artist Cindy Walton who offers a number of tips that can help artists reach financial success.

Sandi Tomlin-Sutker. Email: editor@wncwoman.com

Sandi Tomlin-Sutker. Email: editor@wncwoman.com

Broadening the Artful Life theme, we have a lovely profile of Laurey Masterton who has gained and offered strength to others through her own experience of cancer and now is being honored for her work with WNCAP.
You’ll read about seven dynamic women who help keep WNCW radio going (88.7 FM); the Farm to School movement helping kids be more aware of where their food comes from; Pisgah Legal tells us about their work (and how we can help) supporting women unable to escape abuse due to poverty; Youth OUTright honors two local women supporting LGBTQ youth; the Literacy Council profiles another of their success cases helping a woman gain reading skills! And part one of instructions on how and why to leave a letter to your descendents about how you’ve lived your “Artful Life.”
You’ll notice several regular columnists are taking a break… but they’ll return next month. Jeanne and Lavinia and Judith are here to entertain and inspire you; Mary has a new book review (as do I); Pet Care Corner offers another look at communication; and we profile three of our exceptional advertisers!
A lot to enjoy!

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